What Santa is bringing my kids this year(ages 2 and 4)

Who’s started their holiday shopping?! I’ve bought a couple of things for my kids so far, in fear of them selling out. This year I’m switching it up a little bit, and not buying anything for them that requires batteries (or hours to put together)! Not that there is anything wrong with battery operated toys, because they own and play with them, but lately I’ve been observing them play and I’ve come to realize that they actually engage better with the simpler toys. Toys that require them to use more of their imagination. I want to buy them things that can be used for a few years and are more open ended. Personally I feel that less is more, and what I mean by this is less toys, but higher quality. Sometimes when they have too many options to choose from, it’s hard for them to focus and truly play. The following items are some things I’ve already purchased, or are soon to be in my cart! You can shop them here.

Happy Shopping