Cauliflower Rice Bowl With Sesame Cucumber Salad

I was craving Chinese food for dinner, but didn’t feel like eating my weight in it, so I decided to create my own Asian inspired dish. Tonight’s meal was oh so delicious, and pretty low carb.

Here is what you need: (serving for two) 3 boneless chicken breasts, cauliflower rice( I used a frozen bag of it), a handful of matchstick carrots, a handful of chopped scallions, 2 1/2 tbs teriyaki marinade, 1tsp of garlic powder, a dash of black pepper, 1tsp of sesame seeds, a dash of ginger powder, 4 tbs of sesame oil, 3 1/2 tbs of coconut aminos, 4tbs of rice vinegar, 1/2tsp of salt, 4 mini English cucumbers, a dash of red pepper flakes, 1avocado.

Here is what you do: Marinate the chicken in the teriyaki marinade, and put it in the oven on 375 for about 20 minutes. Add the cauliflower rice, carrots, 2 tbs of rice wine vinegar, 3 tbs of coconut aminos, 3 tbs of sesame oil, garlic powder, pepper, and ginger in a stir-fry pan, and cook it for about 15 minutes. Once that’s done, add the chicken and scallions to the rice, and mix it all together, and top it off with some avocado. For the salad you want to slice the cucumbers thin, and let them marinate for a while in 2 tbs of rice wine vinegar, 1 tsp of coconut aminos, 1 tbs of sesame oil, and a dash of salt. When your ready to serve it, add the sesame seeds and red pepper flakes. I like to add a little more of the coconut aminos to my cauliflower bowl at the end. Enjoy!

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