Project Kitchen: Complete


When we bought our house in 2014, I loved everything about it, and liked the kitchen as well, but the color scheme just wasn’t my personal preference. We went into this house needing to buy all new furniture, so renovations were not a priority at the time. At first when I had mentioned the idea of re-doing the kitchen to my husband, he thought I was crazy, as everything in it is of high quality. But, as time went on, and I started showing him the ideas I had in mind, he finally jumped on the bandwagon. Luckily, the existing layout worked well, so dramatic functional overhauls were not needed. For the wall color we went with perspective by Benjamin Moore, which is a nice, neutral gray. There was never any type of back splash in the previous kitchen, so we added some matte white subway tiles, with a light gray grout, called silverado. We had the cabinets stained the color deep silver, by Benjamin Moore, and kept all the hardware that they originally came with. And lastly, we switched out the pendant lights, and bought new barstools, which you can shop Here. The lights I linked are a more cost friendly version of the ones we put in, which are These. All that is left to do is find a few decorative pieces to finish it off. I can now say I love my kitchen!

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