Some of my favorite Xmas gifts!

BFAA97BD-8BC6-4389-BE15-394A46AFD0BFI hope everyone had a great Christmas spent with loved ones. Santa was good to me this year! I never ask for a lot, but I desperately needed a new pair of slippers, and a warm, cream colored winter sweater. I got both of those and a few other nice surprises, which you can shop below:

1. Ugg Slippers– These pretty little slippers which are pictured above, are so comfortable and 10% off original price!

2. ll bean tunic sweater– I can tell this sweater is going to be a winter favorite of mine. It’s super cute, timeless, and can be dressed up or down. It has a zipper on either side of the hips, which can allow for a looser, or more fitted look. I highly recommend this sweater!

3. Dyson Supersonic blow dryer– So this was a total surprise from my husband. I needed a new blow dryer, but figured I’d look for one after the holidays. This dryer is the Rollsroyce of blow dryers. It’s definitely a bit pricey, but for me so worth it. I have thick, wavy hair which can take forever to style. This dryer is designed to dry fast, without damaging your hair. It’s light weight, small, quiet, and has magnetic nozzle attachments for easy re-adjustment. Definitely a game-changer!

4. Winky Lux mini lip pill kit– I like lip stick, but don’t wear it all that often. This little kit is perfect, cause it has a variety of travel-sized demi-matte lip velours, and is priced at $16.

5. Lace-Up Back Sweater– I love this sweater! It’s simple in the front, and has a pretty lace-up detail in the back.

6. Ugg Boots– These boots are comfy yet stylish. You can never go wrong with Uggs!

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