Nizuc Resort Getaway…. Cancun Mexico


Can I just say that this resort is probably the nicest that I have ever stayed! Peter and I were looking for a place that was a short plane ride away with all the amenities we wanted, because we only had 4 days to fit everything in. It was a three and a half hour direct flight from Boston for us, and the resort is located ten minutes from the Cancun International Airport. It was the perfect little getaway, and just what we needed to reset. The property was absolutely stunning, the service top notch, and the hotel restaurants amazing (my favorite was La Punta, a chic little beach shack)! As much as I missed the kids, I feel it was good to have a little adult time, because sometimes we tend to get lost in the whirlwind of parenthood. The resort is family friendly, so if you have children and want to bring them along, there is plenty for them to do as well, although it is a bit pricey.  Our days basically consisted of relaxing by the beach or pool with a margarita in hand, and trying out all of the cuisine. There are paddle boards, kayaks, and snorkel gear to use complimentary of the hotel. Needless to say, we will definitely be back!

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